How to write a flawless Economics Research Paper

Economics Research Paper

It is totally understandable if you want to give up on your economics research paper, most students feel the same. Economics is one tough nut to crack; there is a plethora of topics that you can pick for your research, sure, but none of them are easy to research upon.

Economics is a vast subject with more than a few disciplines and sub-topics that are not so small either. This makes it not so difficult to pick topics and find content, but researching on a vast subject means there are as high possibilities of missing out things in the research papers. Furthermore, compiling all the data, facts and figures, and information and writing a perfect research paper outline along with the prose is not easy.

That is what this post is for – to help you break down the economics research paper. Here are a few tips for you to work along and you can come out with a great research paper.

Picking the Topic: It’s true that there are a lot of topics in economics, but that only makes it tougher to decide on one. Many would say that the best way to start writing a research paper is to decide on the topic and then start reading the sources. On the contrary, if you start reading on a more general topic and then pick something that catches your eye, it will serve two purposes. One, you will get a unique topic. Two, you will already have information as to where to look for the sources.

Gathering the Arsenal: Before you set the pen (or the keyboard) to work, you must make sure that you have every piece of information that you might need on the specific topic of your economics research paper. Since it is an economics paper, you need to fairly accurate about your facts and figures. You will need to cross check all the information that you have gathered from the sources. Only after you have all the information, and only after you have confirmed the information, you should start writing the research paper.

Writing the Research Paper: You will have to be vigilant while writing your economics research paper. There is as definite structure of a research paper that you should follow while penning down the information in your own words. Following are the parts or sections of a standard research paper that you should keep in mind:

  • Research Proposal: Writing a good research proposal is a bit tricky. You need to write a specific aspect of your research paper that demonstrates the aim and objectives of the research, and the problem statement that you are trying to solve through your research.
  • Research Methodology: Methodology is where you mention all the means and processes that you are planning on using to get to the bottom of the problem statement. The better and the smarter your research methodology is, the more are the chances of your research paper getting accepted.
  • Literature Review: A list of sources and their historical analysis of the context of all the sources that you have taken in to write your economics research paper is called a literature review of the research paper. You should talk about the sources, their relevance, their importance, and the reason you picked them for your economics research paper.
  • Findings and Analysis: This section of your economics research paper talks about the results of the methods and processes you employed to get the data and/or the information that you were trying to find [out in order to solve the problem statement. Not only should you mention the findings of your methodology in an order, but you should also have a properly written an analysis of the findings. A good comparison of your findings and analysis sections with your literature review is even better.
  • Conclusion: You need to put down a firm concluding verdict at the end of your economics research paper. In your conclusions section, you should make sure that your problem statement is no more a problem; it’s should be solved.

Revision: After you have written the first draft, you need to re-read and polish it to make sure your economics research paper does not have any technical or linguistic mistake whatsoever.

For Further Information

Although writing a perfect research paper in economics is not that easy, but it is not undoable, too. You can get yourself some help in writing your research paper from the academic writing assistance websites online. Things like writing a good research proposal, literature review, methodology, findings and analysis, and conclusion are not very difficult to write if you stick to the tips from here, or take help from a good website.


10 Ways to Excel in Your Admissions Essay


There are a variety of reasons why you want to devote your energy to writing an essay for admission in that prestigious B-School that you always dreamt of studying in as it is one of the key factors in addition to being a factor that is actually in your control. The admissions essay bears testimony of exactly what you are capable of when you have had the time to reflect, ready, write and polish on a particular topic.

Though there is a lack of any formula that will do the magic for you, the following tips should serve you in good stead while writing your scholarship essay:

  • Speak about yourself: Remember that you may definitely write in a great manner about World War I, but that hardly illuminates anything about the writer who actually writes it. Irrespective of the topic of the essay you want to illustrate your own personality through your essay.
  • Make use of a voice that’s unique to you: Your voice is what distinguishes you from all of the rest of the applicants so be sure to use one that’s unique to you.
  • Focus on a facet of your personality: If you try to cover all of the important characteristics about yourself through your essay you will at best end up with a collage of attributes and activities. An in-depth look at you through a particular passion or project instead, will be more beneficial.
  • Be genuine through your essay: Do not try to impress the admission officer with your accomplishments as chances are they have heard it all. Instead, just try to convey all of the things that matter to you.
  • Go for an everyday topic: Essays are such that sometimes the simplest of them constitute the best ones. The ordinary pictures of mundane lives are sometimes the best vehicles to put forth what you essentially are. There is no need for the topic to be grandiose or once in a lifetime event, as you may accomplish much from a far simpler setting.
  • Do not be dependent on How-To Books: Use how to guides loosely to get your creative instincts up and running. There is no need for students to look them as hard guidelines and shun the topics they put forth as examples. Be creative, be yourself.
  • Avoid Controversy: Of course readily share your opinion but it is better to abstain from controversial and risky topics. Remember that your essay will be read by several persons from a wide range of backgrounds so you do not really want to say anything that offends them.
  • Tell your story well: Bear out your characteristics through incidents rather than attributing a vast variety of characteristics to yourself simply by claiming them.
  • Don’t repeat what has been said separately: Do not repeat what may easily be known from the other documents included in your application. Instead, use the essay to bear out some of the more subtle aspects of your personality.
  • Do not forget about supplements: The questions that are asked from as supplements are terribly important and one should devote sufficient time to answering them. A good essay with sloppy answers to supplements will not go together.

Just in Case

Take help from professional admission essay writers just in case for some reason you do not feel up to the mark.